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LISD Staff Perks Page

Welcome to the LISD Staff Perks Page! This is a brand new feature on our website. Each day, you work very hard to take care of our Lions! This page offers deals that are designed to take care of YOU! Be sure to check in frequently to review the offerings, which will change over time. 


LISD Preferred Community Partners  
These offers are from those organizations who generously donated to our school district because of their passion for public education and our Lockhart Lions. By supporting these organizations, you are supporting those who truly believe in investing in Lockhart ISD and what we are doing to build a legacy of excellence!  #LoveMyLISD 

Crescent Dental & Orthodontics
1906 S Colorado St Suite 110
Lockhart, TX 78644

Other offers for LISD Staff

Camp Gladiator is extending free, unlimited access for the month of January to all Lockhart ISD employees, as well as their friends and family at no cost, no commitment, and no restrictions. See the flyers below for information on how to
register. This promotion is good for both virtual and outdoor workouts.