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Proof of Residence

Lockhart ISD requires proof of residence for the following student who is:

  • enrolling for the first time
  • a current student moving to a new address
  • entering kindergarten
  • entering 6th grade
  • entering 9th grade.

To meet this standard, the parent/guardian will need to provide one (1) of the following types of documents:

  • Current utility bill tied directly to the residential address (electric, water, landline phone or cable/satellite service)
  • Current rental/lease agreement
  • Mortgage statement

Cell phone bills are not considered a residential utility.

If you do not have proof of residence in your name, the Lockhart ISD Assurance of Bona Fide Residence form must be completed by the homeowner or lessor stating that you reside with them or on their property, along with a copy of their current utility bill.