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Home School UIL Participation

Texas House Bill 547 gives school districts the option to allow homeschooled students residing within district boundaries to participate in UIL activities as a member of the district's teams/activities/events. 

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Lockhart ISD has allowed homeschool students to participate in UIL activities since the 2022-2023 school year, provided they meet the following guidelines:

Academic Eligibility: 
  • Provide proof of residency.
  • All homeschooled students must demonstrate grade-level academic proficiency on any nationally recognized, norm-referenced assessment instrument, such as the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, Stanford Achievement Test, California Achievement Test, or Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills. LISD will accept these assessment results if they are administered and reported by a third party. Results must be current meaning within the previous school year and should be submitted no later than the end of the first six weeks grading period of the participating year. 
  • In order to maintain academic eligibility, the homeschooled family must periodically (in accordance with LISD's grading calendar) provide written verification to LISD stating that the student is receiving a passing grade in each course or subject.
Participation Requirements:
  • A homeschooled student must declare intention to participate in a
  • sport/event/activity prior to August 1st.
  • A homeschooled student must participate in all required activities of the
  • sport/event/activity they are a part of, unless otherwise approved by the appropriate coach or UIL sponsor. This includes participation in all in-season and offseason (year-round) school class-period practices, workouts, and/or meetings.
  • A homeschooled student must abide by the rules and regulations as provided in the LISD Student Code of Conduct.
  • The homeschooled student must ride district-provided transportation to games/events.
  • A homeschooled student is not permitted to participate in a sport/event/activity during the remainder of any school year during which the student was previously enrolled in a public school (LISD and/or other public district).
  • A homeschooled student is not permitted to participate in more than one athletic period during the day. (UIL rule for all enrolled students.)
Eligible Activities:
  • All UIL Athletics
  • Theater Arts (pending class size availability)
  • Band 
  • Choir 
  • Orchestra