Teaching & Learning

Lockhart ISD remains committed to ensuring success and growth for all our students. We will offer two types of learning environments for the 2020-2021 School Year.  The two options will be on-campus instruction and distance learning instruction as defined below.  

On-campus Instruction

The students will attend school Monday-Friday with normal school operating hours.  The school operating hours are as follows:

George W. Carver Early Education Center     7:30 - 2:45

Alma B Strawn Elementary                            7:20 - 3:05

Bluebonnet Elementary                                  7:20 - 3:05

Clear Fork Elementary                                   7:20 - 3:05

Navarro Elementary                                       7:20 - 3:05

Plum Creek Elementary                                 7:20 - 3:05

Lockhart Junior High                                      8:35 - 4:20 

Lockhart High School                                     8:50 - 4:35

PRIDE High School                                        9:00 - 4:20

The school hours may change pending any direction from our local, county, and state officials.  The students and staff will follow all district safety protocols.

Distance Learning at Home

The students will be provided a learning environment where students must engage daily in the learning materials at their own pace, interacting intermittently with the teacher via the computer, other electronic devices, or over the phone.  The level of rigor, workload, and time commitment will be primary differences from the distance learning that students experienced in the spring of 2020.  Student engagement in distance academic work will be equivalent to the content that a student would be engaged in over a normal school year on campus.  

The instruction does not require having the instructor and student engaged online at the same time. In this method, students learn from instruction that is not necessarily being delivered on-campus or in real time. This type of daily instruction may include various daily forms of digital and online learning, such as prerecorded video lessons or game-based learning tasks that students complete on their own, and pre-assigned work and formative assessments.


Grading Policy

District grading guidelines and policies will apply to both on-campus Instruction and distance learning.  Please review your child’s campus handbook for a review of the district’s grading guidelines and policies.


Attendance is mandatory in both the on-campus and distance learning environments.  All district compulsory attendance policies and rules apply for on-campus and distance learning instruction. Truancy laws will apply to students who fail to attend school whether on campus or distance learning environments.  The attendance tracking for distance learning attendance is described in the next section.

All students are required to attend at least 90% of their classes (with some exceptions) to receive credit and be promoted. Distance learning daily attendance will count in the same manner as on-campus attendance in satisfying this requirement.


For guidance on what to do when a student has become ill or exposed to COVID-19,  see the “COVID-19 Student Symptom Map” by clicking here

Attendance for Distance Learning

Daily attendance will be recorded and student will be marked as “present” if they are engaged in any one of these three methods: 

1.  Student data showing progress made that day in the following LISD Learning 

Management Systems:

a.    SeeSaw Platform for K-2nd Grade

b.    SeeSaw and/or Google Classroom for 3rd Grade

c.    Google Classroom for 4th-5th Grade

d.    Google Classroom for 6th-12th Grade

2.  Student progress evidenced from Teacher/Student interactions made that day

3.  Completion and submission of assignment(s) planned for that day

Roles and Commitment Levels of Students in Distance Learning

  • Show  proof of participation in daily on-campus or virtual instruction by satisfactorily completing assigned assignments to demonstrate evidence of student learning ie. video, picture, or activities submitted as lessons and/or completing assignments

  • Communicate with the teacher when there is a need for additional assistance, such as tutoring. The teacher may schedule a specific time for this.

  • Designate a work space and work times at home.

Specials Classes (K-5th Grade) - Music, Art, and PE

Art and Music classes  will be offered in the on-campus learning environment with the Specials Teachers going into student homerooms to deliver the instruction. P.E. classes will continue as normal and will follow district safety protocols.

Students in distance learning will not have direct online instruction. Instead, students will be able to access lessons to do on their own schedule. PE teachers will provide instructional videos. 

Special Programs

Lockhart ISD will ensure that students with disabilities have access to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE). We will ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, each student with a disability can be provided the special education and related services identified in the student's individualized education program (IEP) or 504 plan.

  • Students with disabilities will follow the same guidelines and protocols with special consideration given to meet their individual needs. 

  • Special education instructional and related services will be provided in accordance with the ARD/IEP either virtually or face-to-face. 

  • Lockhart ISD is committed to meeting the unique needs of students with disabilities by ensuring that ARD/IEP or 504 Committees convene as needed to discuss needs, review progress, and make individualized recommendations for our students. 

  • All ARD and 504 meetings will be held virtually to continue to protect the health and safety of all. 

  • Lockhart ISD will review all health plans and IEPs prior to reentry into brick and mortar settings and revise them through an ARD with appropriate safety protocols, as needed. 

Gifted and Talented

Gifted and Talented (GT) services will be coordinated for the on-campus and distance learning environments with the GT Teacher based on the student enrollment in each learning environment.  Students in distance learning will have scheduled time to interact with other students in their assigned groups. 

Counseling Services

School counselors provide valuable support and services to students, ensuring the needs of the "whole child" are met to help them truly thrive. Whether students are on campus or participating in distance learning, our counselors will continue to provide critical support to our Lions.

  1. Counselors/Administrators will complete a risk assessment and develop a positive support plan for students (especially at-risk students) in order to provide appropriate resources and support.  

  2. Counselors will regularly communicate with parents/guardians and students in order to share social-emotional learning resources, strategies, etc. 

  3. Counselors will regularly be available, communicate with, and intervene on the behalf of families and students in need. 

  4. Counselors will coordinate with classroom teachers to provide on-campus instruction as needed regarding individual planning and guidance curriculum.  

  5. Counselors will support classroom teachers in providing instruction (asynchronously or synchronously) in alignment with character education/social emotional, and comprehensive counseling programming and other state-mandated topics as needed. 

  6. College Counselors will provide information on graduation, post-secondary opportunities, FAFSA, ApplyTexas, etc., via text, email, or website.. 

  7. The Counseling & Guidance Department will maintain current information regarding mental health and community services for students, families, and staff on the district COVID-19 webpage.

  8. Students may access a counselor through our online Lion HelpLine

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