Celebrating Excellence at Employee Banquet

Lockhart ISD celebrates outstanding employees at annual recognition banquet
Posted on 05/14/2021
District News Release

Date: May 14, 2021

Lockhart ISD celebrates outstanding employees at annual recognition banquet

Lockhart Independent School District Board members, district leaders, campus administrators, staff, and community members honored outstanding employees at the LISD annual employee recognition banquet Thursday evening. This year, the event was held outdoors in the courtyard of Lockhart High School. Celebrated honorees included staff with service milestones of 20 years and more, Teachers of the Year for each campus, Teachers of the Year for elementary and secondary campuses and district level, Lion’s Heart Award winners, 1.5 Champion Award winners, and retirees. 

Under strings of outdoor lights, attendees enjoyed dinner while listening to the beautiful music by the Lockhart High School Jazz Trio. People were excited about this year’s banquet because the pandemic prevented an in-person celebration last year. Instead, school district leaders drove to the houses of 2020 Teachers of the Year, Lion’s Heart Award Winners, and 1.5 Champion Award winners to present awards.

Outdoor celebration of LISD employees

Although the winners were honored last year, the school district invited last year’s winners to attend this year’s event so they could enjoy the special dinner and have an opportunity to be recognized in front of their peers.  The awards portion of the event began with a video highlighting last year’s winners, and those in attendance were called forward to the sounds of enthusiastic applause.

The ceremony transitioned to recognizing 43 LISD employees with 20, 25, 30, 35, and 45 years of service, a remarkable example of the deep commitment our honorees have in serving the school district. 

The evening continued with the presentation of the 2021 Teachers of the Year Awards, including the announcement of Alma Brewer Strawn Elementary’s Jasmyn Corley as  the 2021 LISD District Elementary Teacher of the Year and Lockhart Junior High School’s Amie Gonzales as the 2021 LISD District Secondary Teacher of the Year. Both Corley and Gonzales will advance to compete in the Regional Teachers of the Year Competition. 

Next, the district honored the winners of the “Lion’s Heart Awards,” recognizing outstanding service from the best in LISD. As the district honors teachers each year, it also honors other LISD staff who truly demonstrate a commitment to building a legacy of excellence. This presentation was followed by honoring the winners of the “1.5 Champion Awards,” who have truly championed the district-wide focus and spirit of growing our students 1.5 years each year in reading and math, helping students reach their fullest potential. Each was selected by their campus principal for this honor.

The banquet concluded with the celebration of retirees who have devoted their careers to public education and Lockhart ISD. Attendees were incredibly moved by the accounts of their achievements during their lifetime of service. 

“This year’s celebration was so meaningful because of the chance for us to come together again in person and celebrate our people who make the difference for our students and staff,” said Superintendent Mark Estrada. “These are people who demonstrate being Locked on Excellence in all that they do, have shown a LockHeart for People with true care for those they serve and support, and as a group, they collectively contribute to UnLocking Potential in both our students and staff so we can grow to our fullest extent.”

Below is a complete list of honorees. 



2020 Teachers of the Year

Erika Perez Alma Brewer Strawn Elementary School

Jessie Galvan Plum Creek Elementary School
LISD Elementary Teacher of the Year 

Craig Walter Carver Early Education Center

Katlin Stephens Bluebonnet Elementary School

Kayla Garcia Clear Fork Elementary School

Ashley Fehrle Navarro Elementary School

Avri DiPietro Lockhart Junior High School

LISD Secondary Teacher of the Year 

Suzanne Maiorka Lockhart High School


2020 Lion’s Heart Award Winners

Paula Nunez  Child Nutrition Employee of the Year

Luz Castillo Custodian of the Year

Marilyn Dildy Instructional Paraprofessional of the Year

Leonard Garcia Maintenance Employee of the Year

Celeste Peters Office Paraprofessional of the Year

Kristin Scott Professional of the Year

Delia Delgado Substitute of the Year

Carla “Tina” Joseph  Transportation Employee of the Year

Aida Rivera  Heart of Lockhart ISD Employee of the Year

Yevett Manning    “Pride of Lockhart ISD” Employee of the Year




2020 1.5 Champion Award Winners
Jacquelyn Sawyers Carver Early Education Center

Evelyn Salazar Alma Brewer Strawn Elementary School

Lori Hernandez Bluebonnet Elementary School

Jennifer Reed Clear Fork Elementary School

Patricia Lewandowski Navarro Elementary School

Andrea Trevino Plum Creek Elementary School

Jeff Knickerbocker Lockhart Junior High School

Anna Baker PRIDE High School

Jacquelyn White Lockhart High School





20 years of service:  

Cheryl Dozier Carver Early Education Center

Suzanne Gaddis Central Office - Curriculum and Instruction

Catherine Grimm Plum Creek Elementary School

Marina Guerrero Food and Nutrition Services

Dalia Perez Lockhart High School

Ruby Rodriguez Food and Nutrition Services

Laurie Terrell Lockhart Junior High School

Kristi Visage Central Office - Curriculum and Instruction

Patricia Bagley Lockhart High School

Kimberly Fields Lockhart Junior High School

Jamee Griebel Plum Creek Elementary School

Kati Harber Central Office - Curriculum and Instruction

Eloisa Lopez Lockhart High School

Sara Madrigal Bluebonnet Elementary School

Dolores Navarro Community Education 



25 years of service: 

Christopher Adams Special Education Department

Georganna Gomillion Lockhart Junior High School

Veronica Hernandez Plum Creek Elementary School

Melissa Messerly Carver Early Education Center

Lenaya Robinson Plum Creek Elementary School

Kai Schautz Lockhart High School

Rosie Ramirez Community Education Department

Brenda Hammers Clear Fork Elementary School

Cathy Holladay Clear Fork Elementary School

Karen Nixon Carver Early Education Center

Roy Ruis Bluebonnet Elementary School

Elizabeth Voight Carver Early Education Center

Joann Alfier Clear Fork Elementary School

Frances Pilgrim Plum Creek Elementary School

Tina Knudsen Central Office - Business and Finance 

Beatrice Starks Plum Creek Elementary School

Beth Cooper Lockhart Junior High School


30 years of service: 

Yevett Manning Navarro Elementary School

Kay Martin Carver Early Education Center

Cynthia Treadway Central Office - Community Education 

Patricia Walker Carver Early Education Center

Sonia Mendez Alma Brewer Strawn Elementary

Carol Longmire Carver Early Education Center

Michelle Wylie Central Office - Finance

Luis Amaya Lockhart High School

Olga Hernandez Central Office- Special Education


35 years of service:

Karla Tate Central Office- Community Education



45 years of service: 

Connie Amaya PRIDE High School




2021 Teachers of the Year:

Jocelyn Aguillon Carver Early Education Center

Roy Ruis Bluebonnet Elementary

Lorena Portillo Clear Fork Elementary

Isabel Aguilar Navarro Elementary

Kristin Scott Plum Creek Elementary 

Jasmyn Corley AB Strawn Elementary
LISD Elementary Teacher of the Year 

Amie Gonzales Lockhart Junior High School

LISD Secondary Teacher of the Year

Leopoldo Vazquez Lockhart High School




2021 Lion’s Heart Awards:

Cristina Olvera Child Nutrition Employee of the Year 

Edward Pardo Custodian of the Year 

Brenda Hammers Instructional Paraprofessional of the Year

James Benner Maintenance Employee of the Year 

Nancy Arana Office Paraprofessional of the Year 

Emylie Shinto Professional of the Year

Tammy Francis Substitute of the Year

Michelle Koehler Transportation Employee of the Year 

Brande Sifuentes Heart of Lockhart ISD Employee of the Year 

Shelly Weber Pride of Lockhart ISD Employee of the Year 





2021 1.5 Champion Awards:

Michael Ramirez AB Strawn Elementary School

Amy Seitz Bluebonnet Elementary School

Carol Longmire Carver Early Education Center

Nina Rodriguez Clear Fork Elementary School

Stephanie Simmons Navarro Elementary School

Marissa Filip Plum Creek Elementary School

Sunshine Green Lockhart Junior High School

Carolyn Coburn Lockhart High School

Anna Baker PRIDE High School



Tina Knudsen Central Office - Business and Finance Office

Cheryl Thompson Lockhart Junior High School

Joan Schlaht Clear Fork Elementary School

Rhonda Till Central Office- Curriculum & Instruction

Cindy Wilhelm Clear Fork Elementary School

Karla Tate Central Office - Community Education

Susan Moneyhon Bluebonnet Elementary School

Frances Pilgrim Plum Creek Elementary School

Janine White Bluebonnet Elementary School

Stella Rojas Maintenance Department

Connie Amaya PRIDE High School

Josefina Espinoza Alma Brewer Strawn Elementary

Edward Pardo Maintenance Department

Hilda Cudzilo Carver Early Education Center

Lisa Taylor Lockhart High School

Maria Fabian Food and Nutrition Services

Manuel Gaitan Lockhart High School

Nancy Woolridge Food and Nutrition Services

Catalina Gutierrez Food and Nutrition Services

Constance Peters Clear Fork Elementary School

Mark Duhon Bluebonnet Elementary School

Jose Mercado Lockhart Junior High School

Raymond Clark Carver Early Education Center

Beatriz Ruiz Lockhart High School

Stephen Ply Lockhart Junior High School

Joe Martinez Maintenance Department 

Elizabeth Foster Lockhart High School

Rose Johnson Plum Creek Elementary School

Stephanie Fleissner Alma Brewer Strawn Elementary School

Roxie Penn Bluebonnet Elementary School

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