Technology Help

Process for Requesting Technology Support

For all requests, please submit through Technology Web Help Desk.

Purpose for Process: Provide quality data for data-informed decisions including:

  • Purchasing – tailored for needed replacement and/or innovations
  • Design of professional development – tailored to campus need
  • Classroom support – tailored to teacher need

Building Capacity: Each challenge presents an opportunity to learn. When applicable, the educator requesting technology support should plan to learn the technology skills involved for problem solving the technology issue in order to strengthen our capacity as a team of educators.

Two Types of Requests:

  1. Technology Repairs (Hardware, etc.)
  2. Instructional Support (Acquiring skills and tools for the 21st Century Classroom where learners: Create, Collaborate, Communicate, and think Critically- the 4C’s)

Before Submitting Request – a Checklist to Consider:

  • First try to reboot by turning the computer off – wait at least 1 minute before restarting the computer.
  • Computer locked up? Hold down the power button for 30 sec. and the computer will shut down. Wait for 1 minute and then restart your computer.
  • If you’re having a software or website issue, did you try clicking the “Help” button to look for a solution?
  • Try a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox [ex: Google doesn’t work well with Internet Explorer]
  • If Internet appears to be down:
    • try a different website to determine if it is the Internet or only that particular website
    • ask a colleague if their Internet is down also
    • try Ethernet rather than wireless
  • Having sound issues? First determine if:
    • the device or the program is muted,
    • the cables are unplugged,
    • the headphones are defective [try a different set of headphones], or
    • the cables are in the correct location: green end in green end and not in red.
  • If no Internet/WiFi on laptop:
    • check WiFi switch on computer [typically found on front edge of laptop]- is it turned off?
    • [if you had been using your laptop at home] did you re-enter the district DNS address in the Wireless Network Connection properties when you returned to work?
  • Laptop display issues? - Hold Fn + F8 key to toggle display between projector only, laptop only, or display on both – keep trying, there are three toggles for this key combination.
  • Data projector not working? First try:
    • cleaning the vent – slide vent(s) out and tap over a trash can to clean,
    • checking that the VGA cable connections are tight on your laptop and projector [or wall connection if mounted],
    • pressing the “input” button on the remote or projector to toggle through the input options,
    • holding Fn + F8 to toggle through the display options and set to both, or
    • restarting your computer and trying again
  • Screen flipped? - Hold Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow
  • Additional basic computer troubleshooting techniques can be found at

How to Submit a Request: Sign in to Web Help Desk and follow the instructions in the file attached below.

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