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As you explore career options, we understand you have many choices in which team you wish to join. In addition to understanding the available opportunities, it is incredibly important to understand the culture of the organization you are looking to join. 

When you are part of our Lockhart ISD team, you enjoy The Lion Advantage. Click here to read more about The Lion Advantage and see what makes Lockhart ISD one of the best districts to work for in Central Texas, including being a proud Holdsworth Center District and Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA) district.

Meet Lockhart ISD.

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In Lockhart ISD, we engaged all of our staff to help identify our shared values as well as develop the expectations of what leadership in our school district should be. We believe every one of our staff has unique gifts and  limitless potential, and we hold high expectations of ourselves and each other in the relentless pursuit of equitable and excellent results. The definition below is the framework within which we hold ourselves and each other accountable, whether leading in district administration, campus administration, classrooms, fields, courts, cafeterias, buses, or anywhere else within LISD. We are #LockhartLeading. 

Lock"Heart" for People

Leadership Definition

The most valuable resource we have in our school district is our people. In order to be effective in our mission, we work to build relational capacity through frequent and transparent communication, authentic relationships, and strong, positive culture.  Beyond the titles we each hold, we are first people. We know we perform best when we take care of ourselves and each other.  In Lockhart ISD, we  demonstrate caring for each other and celebrate our students and staff. 

UnLocking Potential

In Lockhart ISD, we understand that every one of our staff and students possesses unique gifts and infinite potential. We believe it is our responsibility to continuously learn and grow in our personal leadership and development so we can bring our best selves to our shared mission. Also, we believe it is our responsibility to cultivate talent, help others to grow, and share leadership with others so that we--individually and collectively--can realize our fullest potential. 

Locked on Excellence

Our students and staff are in a relentless pursuit of equitable and excellent results. For this reason, we value strategic planning aligned with our targets to grow every student by 1.5 years each year in reading and math. As an organization in continuous growth, we value those who can be effective change agents to affect meaningful and necessary change to help us evolve with our students’ changing needs. Finally, we understand excellence cannot be achieved without holding high expectations -- for ourselves, each other, and especially our students.