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Curriculum & Instruction

The Lockhart ISD Curriculum and Instruction Department is committed to the academic success of all students and ensuring that each student makes 1.5 years progress.  The department provides services and resources to ensure teachers and administrators are equipped to grow all learners.  The department also includes special education, bilingual/ESL, and special programs to provide the best support to all campuses.  The goals of the department are:

  • To provide a tightly aligned curriculum and effective pacing in all core content areas
  • To provide quality professional development to improve instruction and maximize student learning
  • To provide quality check point/assessments to ensure appropriate pacing and to evaluate student progress
  • To develop and scale the LISD VIP, which is the next generation classroom for LISD, to all core classrooms by 2022
Ty J. Davidson

Ty J. Davidson

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction