Gifted and Talented Program

Gifted and Talented Program in Lockhart ISD
Lockhart ISD provides an educational opportunity for those students who excel or have the potential to excel in one or more of the areas of creativity, general intelligence and leadership. Our mission is to identify diverse populations as gifted and talented and enable gifted children to become independent, lifelong learners who are prepared to assume roles as leaders and active participants in a world of rapid change and complexity.
The gifted and talented program takes a multisensory approach for students in grades K-5.  Students are provided differentiated instruction in the general education classroom and a supplemental pull-out program.
In grades 6-12, students are served in the core content areas of science, social studies, math and language arts through differentiation in the classroom, including Pre-Advanced Placement classes and Advanced Placement classes.
Contact information

Monica Parks
Executive Director of Special Education, 504 and Gifted and Talented