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LISD Logo Committee

At this time, there are several versions of Lockhart ISD logos in use. Moving forward, it is incredibly important for the district to identify a single logo for universal use to represent who we are as Lockhart Lions.

Recently, the community was invited to participate in a survey to identify what elements are important to them in a Lockhart ISD logo while also asking for comments on ideas or suggestions. Some of the questions measured importance of logo features previously used while open comments allowed for people to make suggestions or comments for consideration.

The district has invited a committee of LISD stakeholders to meet to review the survey results, explore what it means to be a Lockhart Lion, collaborate and develop key ideas and messages that would be important to convey in the logo, and work with a designer to represent those stakeholder values in a logo.

The Logo Committee will meet Thursday, April 27th, and Thursday, May 4th, at the San Jacinto Building ("Old Tax Office") at 5:30 pm.

There was careful consideration in the makeup of committee members, ensuring a pool of diverse interests and LISD stakeholders. We wanted to be sure the history and traditions of the community were represented along with the fresh perspective of newer Lions. Here is a list of the members:

Committee Makeup:

Long time resident-- Clint Mohle
Newer resident -- Alma Morales
Students-- MaKaela Wyles, Kallie Krenz, Matthew Gonzalez
Elementary parent -- LeAnn Castillo
Secondary parent -- Belinda Gillis
Administrator -- Brian Herman
Community business rep.-- Angela Rawlinson (Chamber of Commerce)
Elementary teacher -- Liza McCarthy
Secondary teacher -- Melissa Hardaway
Alumnus/senior citizen -- Bill Schroeder 
Alumna/retired teacher-- Shirley Williams
Alumnus/recent grad -- Curtis Hawkins

Christina Courson & Sheila Henderson

UPDATE:  May 24, 2017

Here is a link to vote for the logo--voting ends May 30: 

Contact Christina Courson, Public Information Officer 512-398-0033 christina.courson@lockhart.txed.net